The first meeting of the Aberffraw Community Council was on 23rd April 2001?…..

The Aberffraw Community Council’s mission statement is:

“We will proactively engage with the local community and represent its views to the local authorities and others. This will involve both informing our community of the issues affecting it, and responding to the issues that it raises with us.”

Our vision is:

“Our community will be a safe, clean, friendly and happy place to live, work and grow.”

For a useful guide on Community Councils click HERE?…..

You will find our Constitution (agreed October 2009?…..) here:

You will find our Standing Orders (rules which govern how we hold and organise meetings and such) here:

Our current membership as after the Oct 2013 election is:

Chair – Ron Hussey
Vice-Chair –
Secretary –
Treasurer –
Planning Convener –

List of elected members:


List of nominated members (representing local groups):


Associate member Richard ?….. (webmaster)

To email our Secretary click HERE?…..

Gadael Ymateb

Rhowch eich manylion isod neu cliciwch ar eicon i fewngofnodi:

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